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The Listening Program® has been used by hundreds-of-thousands of people in over 35 countries and is backed by independent research.
Our vision at Advanced Brain Technologies is to transform the life of every person by making sound brain fitness universally attainable.
To fulfill our vision, we start with the scientific evidence that your brain has a natural ability to physically change itself and strengthen its neural network in response to your experiences. This is called neuroplasticity, something which occurs throughout your lifetime.
While the field of neuroscience only validated this concept in the last 20 years, our founder's family of human development pioneers observed this clinically in the mid twentieth century. Experts in brain injury rehabilitation and child development they were among the first to develop brain training exercises to reorganize the brain and improve its performance. This is the foundation The Listening Program builds on today.
But not just any brain games or music will do. Brain games are just that, games to entertain. And for music to make meaningful long-term changes, it should be scientifically created to improve your brain health.
For brain fitness training to be effective it must meet the following criteria:
  • Targeted- to your goals
  • Novel and engaging- maintaining your interest
  • Adaptive- the right challenge at the right time
  • Challenging- just right level
  • Encouraging- rewarding your progress
  • Comprehensive- the brain is an integrated system
  • Enjoyable- if you like it, you'll do it
When criteria are met and the training is provided with the right frequency, intensity and duration, the brain will improve leading to positive changes throughout your life. The Listening Program is scientifically designed to do just this, change your brain, for the better.
Our Scientific Advisory Board

Includes experts from many fields. We believe it vital to have advisory expertise from both scientists and clinicians to meet scientific standards and keep perspective when it comes to the real world application of our evidence-based music sound tracks.
"I find The Listening Program to be a well organized, high-quality product that I'm pleased to recommend to my clients."
~Dr. Judith B. Belk PhD, CCC-SLP, CCC Audiology