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"As you read and apply what you learn in Healing at the Speed of Sound you will transform your life. Alex Doman and Don Campbell unveil practical and profound insights for attaining health and well-being. This remarkable read changes how you think about sound and music, and teaches you how to harness their power to achieve your highest aspirations."

Kevin Hall
Bestselling author of Aspire: Discovering Your Purpose through the Power of Words

"We now have a powerful and comprehensive science-based reference supporting what we have long suspected, that sound and music have incredibly powerful effects upon human physiology. Healing at the Speed of Sound brings clarity and applicability to the extensive research in the field and provides us with powerful tools to enhance our general health and wellbeing as well as expand our spiritual awareness."

David Perlmutter, MD, FACN, ABIHM
Author of Power Up Your Brain:The Neuroscience of Enlightenment

"From the moment of our birth, or perhaps even conception, to the last breath we take, sound is a primary, shaping force in our lives. Don Campbell and Alex Doman have authored a wonderful treatise helping us understand the role sound plays in our lives and the means by which we can be productive, healthy and happy."

Sam Goldstein, Ph.D.
Author of Power of Resilience

"Most everyone agrees vibrations, sounds, rhythms and music are good for our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health! Thanks to world renown music journalist Don Campbell and brain specialist Alex Doman, we now have infinite ways to transform, heal and enhance our lives with musical prescriptions. Not just a book of inspiration and creativity but this is the most contemporary resource of recordings, podcasts, and invaluable insights and studies. Healing at the Speed of Sound puts us in charge of our own sound health and well being. Life is good-but it can be so much better with Campbell's infinite illuminations contained in this wonderful body of work."

Barry Green
Bestselling author of The Inner Game of Music, The Mastery of Music, Bringing Music to Life

"We are moving from fine research in music and sound to the Gold standard of application in the life of professionals, parents, teachers and musicians. This book is the broadest, clearest update in how music and sound can transform our lives."

Susan Andrews, Ph.D.

"Required Reading. Required Listening. Required Viewing. Healing at the Speed of Sound is the quintessential book for all the "ears" to come"

Elaine de Beauport, Ph.D.
Founder, The Mead School and author of Three Faces of Mind

"Healing at the Speed of Sound is masterful! Campbell and Doman skillfully combine healing stories, scientific research and practical sound-health instruction for professionals and laypersons alike. This scholarly and experiential book comes alive through hearing, seeing and reading about the pervasive and dynamic world of sound healing."

Pat Moffitt Cook, Ph.D.
Musicologist, director of The Open Ear Center

"Whether you thrive on head-banging aural stimuli to enhance your work and leisure hours or crave large doses of silence in a sound-soaked world, Don Campbell--sound healer extraordinaire--has wise and comforting words to offer. Healing at the Speed of Sound issues an inspiring call to awareness about the inescapable, beneficent, and at times detrimental, organic effects of the sonic environment. Marshalling mounds of recent scientific research about the medical aspects of common soundscapes, and incorporating an abundance of on-line resources, website addresses, downloadable sidebars, and sound bites, this book is a great gift of multiple dimensions."

Thomas Riis Ph.D.
Director, American Music Research Center, The University of Colorado

"An important book about the diverse applications of music and sound in our lives, throughout our days, with both experiential ideas and scientific research. Don Campbell's charismatic teaching style comes through in this book loud and clear. Media clips and audio supplements transport two-dimensional words into a multi-modal experience. A must-read for anyone interesting in expanding their understanding of using music and sound to better their life!"

Dr. Arthur Harvey, professor, researcher and musician
Director, Music for Health Services

"Don Campbell applies his vast knowledge and skill to launch us into new dimensions of personal awareness. He guides us to enjoy the astounding benefits available through the intelligent use of sound in our homes, schools, offices and hospitals."

Michael J. Gelb
Author of How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci and Innovate Like Edison: The Five-Step System for Breakthrough Business Success

"Healing at the Speed of Sound is an important contribution to the world. The sweeping breadth of this book documents the effects and benefits of sound and music in all facets of life from in utero to end of life. The authors broadly explore the practical use of sound for enhancement of our day-to-day lives at home and the office. The benefits of music and sound healing for medical conditions and trauma is explored with innovative web based links embedded in the text. Perhaps most importantly, the use of music to heal social disconnection and bridge cross cultural divides is documented with actual examples of working projects. Bravo, Campbell and Doman, this work will be a practical resource to individuals, families, society and professionals for years to come."

Dr. Scott R. Walker
Psychiatrist, Albuquerque, NM

"Describing the world of sound must be as difficult as describing a color, but Don Campbell gives us a wonderful insight into the world of acoustics, how it effects and heals us. This book is a fascinating, multisensorial experience."

Michael Hoppé

"Sound pioneer, eclectic musician, and contemporary mystic Don Campbell, brings a multi-dimensional understanding to the power and purpose of sound healing to advance the course of human consciousness at a unique moment in world history. His extensive music and deep listening research is transforming our medical, educational, artistic, interfaith and scientific communities. This book is a must for all those in search of practical guidelines for making the courageous shift into a new world era."

Chloe Goodchild
International singer, founder of The Naked Voice Foundation

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